WEDEL ART ADVISORY is an advisory firm with special expertise in Modern and Contemporary Art. We work with private, institutional and corporate clients on their collections, exhibition programmes, special projects and philanthropy, as well as curating exhibitions and artist projects internationally.

Our services are geared towards the individual collector, each of whom we work closely with to understand their objectives, aesthetic tastes, interests and budget requirements. With these in mind we are focused on finding the perfect works for each client, building them a smart and cohesive collection that reflects their individuality. Our special relationships with galleries and dealers give us access to the best examples by each artist.

We curate exhibitions and collection hangings internationally, from cutting edge emerging artists to established. Among the projects we’ve curated have been the first European solo show of Theaster Gates, topical group shows such as ‘Alchemy’ which was a show based on the current movement of process-based art, as well as shows of established artists and movements including an Arte Povera exhibition and presentations of Sigmar Polke, Ai Weiwei, Jean-Luc Moulene, John Baldessari, Albert Oehlen and George Condo to name just a few. On behalf of our clients we have also commissioned large-scale performances such as a performance by Peter Liversidge at the Whitechapel gallery and a new commission with Performa award-winning artist Ryan McNamara.

We specialise in developing unique philanthropic projects - finding new ways of collaborating with artists and institutions that are highly distinct. Handled correctly, giving can be closely linked with creating through artist projects, happenings, commissions and more. We are focused on finding projects that are meaningful and that achieve the right profile for each of our clients, whether they choose to remain anonymous or to enjoy a more public persona.

Our advisory service brings scholarship and connoisseurship to vetting works of art. Through our experience and in-house research, our clients are offered our keen and critical judgment over the intricate factors that determine the desirability and value of a work of art. From provenance to condition, global supply and demand, critical importance and historic significance, we leave no stone unturned in our evaluations – combined with a gut instinct that has proven successful time and time again.

 Unlike dealers, auction house personnel or museum curators, as private advisors we work solely for our clients: providing uncompromised, neutral and objective advice determined specifically by the client’s needs, desires and objectives. Our client’s agenda is our only agenda.


Collecting art provides many rewards, and among them can be appreciation in value. Our clients have enjoyed exceptional performance in the asset worth of their collections.


There are more international art fairs, gallery shows, biennials and museum exhibitions today than ever before. We extend our client’s reach in both knowledge and market coverage by travelling extensively to stay on top of it all. We can offer special access to events our clients choose to attend, and we make sure they know everything they need to about those they are too busy for.

Our relationships with leading conservators, auction houses, art shippers and insurers enables us to provide help with the practicalities of owning a collection, from general maintenance and repairs to organising valuations, shipping and condition reports.

Trust between an advisor and client is key. We offer honest and objective advice to our clients with full transparency on all dealings. Privacy and confidentiality is guaranteed to protect those clients who prefer anonymity.

For further information, please contact:

Amelie von Wedel
Pernilla Holmes
Belinda Seppings

e: t:+44(0)20 7221 3415
Newcombe House, 45 Notting Hill Gate, London W11 3LQ